Upcoming Film Classes

Want to make a movie? Not sure where to begin? These classes ought to help get you started.

Current Projects

[P]hotos of artwork are much easier to post. Nobody wants to look at a picture of my screenplay.

Blue Boxes and Handmade Books

It’s the Winter Sale at the Art Center, and I’ve had nary a chance to blog about all the artwork I’ve been doing – books mostly, but also Blue Boxes.

Still Sketching Sophie

We have graduated beyond merely drawing actual kids around Sophie’s age wearing Halloween costumes. We are now drawing steampunk cartoons, people!

A New Collaboration Gives Steampunk Sophie New Life

With a basic understanding of our relative strengths, we moved right into brainstorming, using the remaining time to develop some of the elements from Sophie’s life – her backstory, the setting, some historical research for our unusual location, and more than a couple of secrets about Sophie’s background and family.

A Tiny Bit of Art

I decided the problem was that I was thinking too conventionally for my subject matter. The idea of headless selfies is provocative in itself, and if done wrong, could get awkward fast. A photorealistic image is not the best way to go in this case because the women in these images are already posed in highly sexualized ways. I want to be clear that I’m making art, not simply reproducing a series of salacious images.