Making Mandalas

Since I’m having so much fun drawing these, and painting/coloring them in is so incredibly relaxing, I’m offering these mandalas as free downloads. I hope you’ll use them to either paint with a digital tool or just print them off and get out your markers. If it doesn’t lower your blood pressure in 5 minutes, you’re welcome to yell at me in the comments.


Announced: New Committee on Media Literacy

Ever since the results of this past election were seemingly manipulated by fake news, people have been asking themselves if they can even tell the difference between real and fake, leading to the conclusion that we are, in fact, living in a post-truth world where facts such as these are irrelevant. Perhaps the irony in this logic isn’t readily seen, but honey, if we decide facts are irrelevant, they become so.

New Visual Storytelling Projects

The holidays are over and the new year has come. It all happened so fast that I find myself now in some sort of tailspin or other, comically trying to grasp all 25 million projects that flew up into the air all at once. There’s good news to be had there, though, and it’s one…

Upcoming Film Classes

Want to make a movie? Not sure where to begin? These classes ought to help get you started.

Current Projects

[P]hotos of artwork are much easier to post. Nobody wants to look at a picture of my screenplay.

Blue Boxes and Handmade Books

It’s the Winter Sale at the Art Center, and I’ve had nary a chance to blog about all the artwork I’ve been doing – books mostly, but also Blue Boxes.

Still Sketching Sophie

We have graduated beyond merely drawing actual kids around Sophie’s age wearing Halloween costumes. We are now drawing steampunk cartoons, people!

A New Collaboration Gives Steampunk Sophie New Life

With a basic understanding of our relative strengths, we moved right into brainstorming, using the remaining time to develop some of the elements from Sophie’s life – her backstory, the setting, some historical research for our unusual location, and more than a couple of secrets about Sophie’s background and family.

A Tiny Bit of Art

I decided the problem was that I was thinking too conventionally for my subject matter. The idea of headless selfies is provocative in itself, and if done wrong, could get awkward fast. A photorealistic image is not the best way to go in this case because the women in these images are already posed in highly sexualized ways. I want to be clear that I’m making art, not simply reproducing a series of salacious images.