Internet Video Class for Adults

This internet video class was quite popular last spring with my older adults, who learned all about explainers, crowdfunders, and how-to videos for YouTube and Vimeo, etc.


On My Way to Steal Your [Steampunk] Girl

For months now, whenever I’ve told anyone about my concept for a YA steampunk time travel adventure featuring a young female protagonist, ears have perked up all around as people’s faces relax into a smile that’s full of interest and imagination. That’s great – and it’s more than most writers could hope for in response to their book or series idea. It’s a popular concept. As it turns out, it’s so popular it’s kind of already been done before – in a way.

Relaunching the Indy Screenwriters Meetup

Ever since I started teaching filmmaking classes – maybe even a little before that – I’ve been approached by people¬†interested in screenwriting, asking if I know of any classes or workshops around town. No, I didn’t. A couple of years ago, an acquaintance I’d met through a filmmaking meetup started a screenwriters meetup. But he…

New Visual Storytelling Projects

The holidays are over and the new year has come. It all happened so fast that I find myself now in some sort of tailspin or other, comically trying to grasp all 25 million projects that flew up into the air all at once. There’s good news to be had there, though, and it’s one…

Current Projects

[P]hotos of artwork are much easier to post. Nobody wants to look at a picture of my screenplay.

Still Sketching Sophie

We have graduated beyond merely drawing actual kids around Sophie’s age wearing Halloween costumes. We are now drawing steampunk cartoons, people!

A New Collaboration Gives Steampunk Sophie New Life

With a basic understanding of our relative strengths, we moved right into brainstorming, using the remaining time to develop some of the elements from Sophie’s life – her backstory, the setting, some historical research for our unusual location, and more than a couple of secrets about Sophie’s background and family.