Just 2 Weeks Until Summer Classes

Wow, I’m not sure where the time went this spring, but I can say I was pretty busy with new classes. Summer will be no different, it turns out, as I have more than a handful of new classes to prepare for. And it all kicks off Sunday, June 11th.


A New Conversation About Literacy

While literacy has long been understood as essential to improving quality of life, the term has not kept pace with society, which has introduced new forms of encoding information while the world was trying to teach everyone how to read and write.

Announced: New Committee on Media Literacy

Ever since the results of this past election were seemingly manipulated by fake news, people have been asking themselves if they can even tell the difference between real and fake, leading to the conclusion that we are, in fact, living in a post-truth world where facts such as these are irrelevant. Perhaps the irony in this logic isn’t readily seen, but honey, if we decide facts are irrelevant, they become so.