Internet Video Class for Adults

This internet video class was quite popular last spring with my older adults, who learned all about explainers, crowdfunders, and how-to videos for YouTube and Vimeo, etc.


Just 2 Weeks Until Summer Classes

Wow, I’m not sure where the time went this spring, but I can say I was pretty busy with new classes. Summer will be no different, it turns out, as I have more than a handful of new classes to prepare for. And it all kicks off Sunday, June 11th.

Intro to Filmmaking Class Starts Friday

Students will gain first-hand experience through in-class assignments and group projects that will engage them in scripting, shooting, and editing their own videos. They’ll learn how to use professional tools, such as lighting and sound equipment, as well as how to run (or just work on) a professional set. We’ll discuss all aspects of how to tell a story with sound and image, including the artistic challenges of dealing with light and how to use music and sound effects to help tell a story.

Graphic Design & Handmade Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all of my new classes this semester; it’s just that I never considered what life would be like teaching three new classes at once. In a word, it’s been a whirlwind.

I’d show pictures of my dining room, which looks like it’s been hit by a whirlwind for sure, but… I’m sure you’d rather see photos of all the cool projects I’ve been up to instead.

Kids Make: Digital Mandalas and Stop Motion Animation

This ninety-minute once-a-week class presented a new challenge, but I got some great advice. Simple projects every week – that is the strategy for engaging this group with the stop motion process (which can be slow and tedious even for adults).

Upcoming Film Classes

Want to make a movie? Not sure where to begin? These classes ought to help get you started.