Just 2 Weeks Until Summer Classes

Wow, I’m not sure where the time went this spring, but I can say I was pretty busy with new classes. Summer will be no different, it turns out, as I have more than a handful of new classes to prepare for. And it all kicks off Sunday, June 11th.

Graphic Design & Handmade Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all of my new classes this semester; it’s just that I never considered what life would be like teaching three new classes at once. In a word, it’s been a whirlwind.

I’d show pictures of my dining room, which looks like it’s been hit by a whirlwind for sure, but… I’m sure you’d rather see photos of all the cool projects I’ve been up to instead.

Kids Make: Digital Mandalas and Stop Motion Animation

This ninety-minute once-a-week class presented a new challenge, but I got some great advice. Simple projects every week – that is the strategy for engaging this group with the stop motion process (which can be slow and tedious even for adults).

So Much to Art; So Little Time

Banners are super easy and fun, and I’m enjoying making the digital collages and swapping out images every so often. I hope to introduce my students to this technique once they have enough images to draw from.

On My Way to Steal Your [Steampunk] Girl

For months now, whenever I’ve told anyone about my concept for a YA steampunk time travel adventure featuring a young female protagonist, ears have perked up all around as people’s faces relax into a smile that’s full of interest and imagination. That’s great – and it’s more than most writers could hope for in response to their book or series idea. It’s a popular concept. As it turns out, it’s so popular it’s kind of already been done before – in a way.

Making Mandalas

Since I’m having so much fun drawing these, and painting/coloring them in is so incredibly relaxing, I’m offering these mandalas as free downloads. I hope you’ll use them to either paint with a digital tool or just print them off and get out your markers. If it doesn’t lower your blood pressure in 5 minutes, you’re welcome to yell at me in the comments.

Blue Boxes and Handmade Books

It’s the Winter Sale at the Art Center, and I’ve had nary a chance to blog about all the artwork I’ve been doing – books mostly, but also Blue Boxes.

Still Sketching Sophie

We have graduated beyond merely drawing actual kids around Sophie’s age wearing Halloween costumes. We are now drawing steampunk cartoons, people!

A Tiny Bit of Art

I decided the problem was that I was thinking too conventionally for my subject matter. The idea of headless selfies is provocative in itself, and if done wrong, could get awkward fast. A photorealistic image is not the best way to go in this case because the women in these images are already posed in highly sexualized ways. I want to be clear that I’m making art, not simply reproducing a series of salacious images.