Internet Video Class for Adults

This internet video class was quite popular last spring with my older adults, who learned all about explainers, crowdfunders, and how-to videos for YouTube and Vimeo, etc. We talked about cybersecurity and how to do a video profile image on Facebook as well as other special topics, such as content management and social media marketing. Most of the students were professionals who had either a personal or business reason to make some type of video – but they didn’t know where to start.

This fall the class has changed dramatically, though, and I’m optimistic that it’ll be a lot more fun for everyone. I still plan on covering a lot of theory and explaining how each type of video is different from the others. We’ll also still delve into all of the possible different ways to find, produce, or otherwise generate footage besides having to shoot it yourself. However, this fall the Internet Video Basics class is finally taking shape as a video production class. We will be shooting and editing our own footage each week during class.

We’ll start by outlining the various types of videos that are most prevalent online, including:

  • VLogs
  • How-to Videos
  • Critiques and Topical Discussions
  • Crowdfunders
  • Explainers
  • Web Series

Each week we’ll begin producing one of these videos from a given script or outline. We’ll also discuss what it’ll take (this is called preproducing the video) in terms of:

  • Video Footage to be Shot
  • Other Video Footage Needed
  • (Nonlinear Digital) Video Editing, including:
    • Title Cards and Transitions
    • Adding Music and Sound Effects
    • Adding Graphics and Animation
    • Exporting a Digital Video
  • Uploading Videos to Share

Like many other art classes at the Art Center, this class isn’t a guarantee* that you’ll finish each piece we work on during class, but you will have the know how and the tools to be able to finish what we’ve started.

I’m really looking forward to doing it this way, and so far the class size is small enough to cater to individual tastes. You can sign up on the Art Center’s website or contact me to learn more about this and my other classes this fall.

*Disclaimer: Some outside time commitment is necessary to develop the skills you’ll be learning in this class.


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