New Kids Classes for Fall: Manga Illustration and Intro to Camera

Fall classes start at the Indianapolis Art Center in just two short weeks, and I’m excited to be teaching two new ones this session.

Intro to Manga Illustration (6-10)

This Youth and Teen class was previously available only to older kids, but this fall we’re opening it up to younger students. I had actually asked our Youth & Teen Program if I could teach this class a year ago, and I’m super excited that I’ve been given the chance to do something new. I’ve been teaching how to draw comics in my outreach classes for a while now, but this will be the first time I’ve done an entire session devoted specifically to manga illustration.


The class is six weeks long and introduces some of the basic concepts of manga and illustration through short, fun exercises. Students with an interest in drawing, comics, animation, manga, or even otome or sims style games would do well in this class. And, to keep the most excited and motivated students busy throughout the week, they will also be given the opportunity to do take-home assignments if they wish.

Intro to Camera Use (6-10)

Digital photography is quickly becoming a core skill that everyone needs to understand, and it’s truer than ever for these younger students. As I teach in my filmmaking classes, the ability to tie an image to an idea is key to communicating in the 21st century. If you need further proof of that, just look to the humble emoji.


This camera class will be a great way for youngsters to begin to conceive of mental images and as well as understanding how to capture something expressive and artistic through the lens. It could spark an interest in photo/digital art or just help a student become a better communicator. It’s the perfect art class for tech-savvy or “not artistic” kids too, because we will be creating art through the use of technology.

Other Classes

My Internet Video Basics class for adults returns this session for 7 weeks, but I’m planning a separate blog post for that because I’m revising my approach and there’s a lot to discuss there.

Also, later this fall I have three Stop Motion Animation classes coming – one for just about every age group – plus a Smart Phone Movies class for adults. But I’ll talk about those in another post later on.


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