Just 2 Weeks Until Summer Classes

Wow, I’m not sure where the time went this spring, but I can say I was pretty busy with new classes. Summer will be no different, it turns out, as I have more than a handful of new classes to prepare for. And it all kicks off Sunday, June 11th.

Digital and Media Literacy

Internet Video Basics

This was a new class this spring that was so successful we’re repeating it for the summer. This adult class is for beginners who want to learn how to make a video or video series for any variety of reasons: crowdfunding campaigns, explainers for new products or ideas, weekly business or personal vlogs, even resumes or bios in video form. We’ll cover a wide array of topics, including camera work and animation options, small business marketing concepts, how video and social media work together and even how to curate content for your online community. As this is still a new class, I’m remaining open and flexible to feedback from students about what you’re really interested in learning and crafting the curriculum around that consensus.

TeenPop: Handmade Journals

This is like the cherry on top of my summer sundae! Seriously, handmade books have been an absolute obsession of mine for the past year, and I’ve been using my own handmade journals every day for the past few months. I’m currently on my third style and have lots of great tips to share with teens, many of whom are avid journalers. There is simply nothing like a handmade book! I have a theory that that’s because we spend so much time interacting with flat surfaces (screens) just like the ones we’re using to communicate right now! I know I have a longing for textured surfaces that I’m pretty sure a lot of other people share. Carrying around a handmade book is just my way of bringing the dimensional aspects of my inner thoughts/inner world into my daily life.

Digital Arts Summer Camp (11-14)


This weeklong camp will provide a sampling of activities from a variety of digital arts, and I’m really looking forward teaching it because we’re going to be visiting some of my favorite subjects, including filmmaking and animation. The plan is to start out with some digital drawing, painting, and/or mixed media topics and then breach photography mid-week. From there it will be an easy shift into digital storytelling, which is not only my home turf but also something the kids really want and need.

Stop Motion Animation (6-10)


Stop motion animation is incredibly popular right now and still gaining new fans every day. It’s also one of my favorite subjects to teach at the Art Center because it invites collaboration with so many different art forms. This age group is particularly good at stop motion, in my experience. They seem to be less inhibited and more imaginative than older students by and large, and this medium really meets them where they are – using 3D objects they interact with every day. The technology has also gotten to the point where 6-10s have no trouble accessing the tools they need to do engaging, story-driven animations. For evidence of this, check out my Vimeo page.


Spring was my first semester teaching with the Art Center’s outreach program, and it was an incredible experience. I taught a group of high school students, and we explored everything from graphic design to paper distressing techniques. I had a lot of fun sharing my passion for both digital and nondigital forms of art with these students, and they learned a little bit about photography, character design, and special subjects like mandalas from around the world, which we experienced from a digital perspective. This summer I’m teaching at two sites and doing a short workshop series at Girls, Inc. For a preview of what I’ve got planned, check out these women’s art:


Kelsey Montague


Catherine & Sarah Satrun



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