So Much to Art; So Little Time

Folks who follow me on social media might have noticed a new banner go up over the weekend. It replaced the last digital collage I’d done – that one based on a steampunk theme as pictured below. Banners are super easy and fun, and I’m enjoying making the digital collages and swapping out images every so often. I hope to introduce my students to this technique once they have enough images to draw from.

(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

I decided I needed a new collage to tell a story about my work as an artist and an instructor, so I created this, more colorful banner. I featured some of my digital artwork as well as a blurred image of my filmmaking kids from summer camp in 2015.

(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

There’s a lot more art in the works though – and most of it’s digital, which makes for easy sharing. So here goes…

This was the first social media banner I created using IbisPaintX, a freemium app I downloaded for use in teaching digital art. In the end, I decided against it for use as a Twitter banner, but I still like it as a piece of digital art.

(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

Next up is the first of two backgrounds I created. They will be used later on as part of one or more visual storytelling projects – specifically, the visual novel style of storytelling I wrote about once before.

(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

I don’t think they belong in the same world, though. The one above is modern and feels warm and cozy, while the one below is cold and pretty old school.

(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

While I was searching for a character creation app that would allow my art students to flex their art skills at the same time as they create character elements, I ran across this avatar maker app. It won’t work for my art students as-is, but it will work very well for a group storytelling project outside of that setting. For now, I’m planning on using an avatar maker  to create some characters and build a proof of concept for a visual novel.

Here are three I’ve got so far.

I also did a mockup to see what it would look like if I placed one of the characters in the environment I’d created. I had to darken her whole look just a bit to match the lighting, but once that was done, I liked the result.


(c) Wolf Woman Media 2017

Peppered in there somewhere I managed to squeeze in a few mandalas, too. (Follow me on Instagram for regular posts of that type.)

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