Relaunching the Indy Screenwriters Meetup

Ever since I started teaching filmmaking classes – maybe even a little before that – I’ve been approached by people interested in screenwriting, asking if I know of any classes or workshops around town.

No, I didn’t.


A couple of years ago, an acquaintance I’d met through a filmmaking meetup started a screenwriters meetup. But he admittedly wasn’t a screenwriter himself and couldn’t provide guidance to the group. They met a few times before the organizer got tired of people missing meetings or showing up without having read the assigned script.

That was 2 years ago. Since then, people have been joining the Screenwriters Indianapolis meetup almost every week. And I’ve finally gotten around to realizing that, since there aren’t already any screenwriting workshops in existence, it’s probably a good idea to organize one. After all, I’m a professional screenwriter and filmmaking instructor. Not only could I help others learn the craft of screenwriting, but I could also benefit from having the opportunity to workshop my ideas alongside theirs. I probably would have done it before if it didn’t seem like a hassle to get it organized.

It has been a hassle, but not on the scale I had imagined, of course. (It’s always worse in my head…) This relaunch has been in the works for some months now, but I’ve finally scheduled our first meetup and I’m really excited to get things rolling. We’re planning on doing a little bit of instruction and some networking with each meetup, unless the people who show up decide on a different format, of course.

If you live in the Indianapolis area and want to get involved, I hope you’ll join us for our first session, where we’ll be discussing when and how often we’d like to meet. I won’t be announcing every meetup here on the blog, but I’ll maintain the link in the nav bar as long as the group continues.



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