Upcoming Film Classes

As Christmas draws near, I’m already starting to look forward to my schedule for January, when I’ll start teaching new classes both at the Art Center and out in the community.

Adult Classes:

My first one-minute (student) film

Intro to Movie Making

Want to make a movie? Not sure where to begin? This class covers the basics of filmmaking, from scripting and storyboarding through lighting and camera work to editing and sound, we’ll introduce the basics of how story ideas are turned into movies. Students will get a chance to work hands-on with equipment, but are encouraged to work on their individual projects outside of class time as well. For their own advancement, students are also encouraged to bring their footage to class for review and critique each week.

Internet Video Basics

For the first time, this spring we’re offering an internet video class for people who want to learn how to do YouTube videos or make a crowdfunding video for a new product or freelance business. More and more, I’ve also been hearing from people who need to make a short, biographical video for online profiles at their own website or even on social media – they’re saying that images alongside text are no longer enough of an introduction in many cases.

I knew we would arrive at this place one day, but it still has happened faster than I can believe. If you need to make a streaming video for your business, or just want to learn how to make videos for YouTube, this is the class for you.


Youth & Teen Programs:

Summer Camp 2015


Recently I signed on as a new teacher for the ArtReach program, the Art Center’s outreach program to bring after-school art programs to schools in underserved areas. I’ll be working with high schoolers at Crispus Attucks starting in January, and I’m super excited about it. There’s still a lot to learn and discover about the program itself, but I had my orientation last week, and I’m ready to get going on several ideas. Digital art is bound to make up a large part of what I will teach, but it’s also important to let the students take the lead and define what areas they’d like to explore. I’ll share updates on that as I can.

Stop Motion Animation (6-10) –

This spring, I’ll be teaching a stop-motion animation class for 6-10 year olds. I worked with 8-11 year olds in stop motion last summer, and I was surprised how well they managed the technology as well as the craft. In fact, it was easier for them to do stop motion than it was for the same age group to do movie making. So I’m super stoked about teaching this again in the spring, in part because it’s one of my favorite types of filmmaking – it affords so much creativity.

I’ve already spoken with the leadership about doing adult classes in stop motion, too. So if you’re interested, you might check back this summer on that. Meanwhile, here are some cool stop motion projects I show my kids:



Follow me here and on social media for updates on new classes and pop-ups as they are announced.



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