Current Projects

Since rolling out the new website, which is primarily focused on my visual art and other new ventures that are tangentially related to my primary work as a writer/screenwriter and visual storyteller, I’ve had several visitors ask why screenwriting and filmmaking don’t feature more prominently on my blog.

The short answer is that photos of artwork are much easier to post. Nobody wants to look at a picture of my screenplay.

The Yugo Channel

However, I have been working with the folks at Zycon Media and have written a few episodes for the animated children’s TV series, The Yugo Channel. It’s splendid – set in a fantasy world where anything can happen, and featuring a young female protagonist who’s afraid of nothing, this show is gonna be a huge hit.

…but not for a couple more years. It’s slated for production in 2017 and release in 2018.

Other than that, I’ve been screenwriting for clients – including crowdfunding videos and educational content and other stuff too boring to post. However, I’ve also written the story, character intros, and world descriptions for several games and apps, including a steampunk robot talking alarm clock app and a post-apocalyptic warscape. But since my work is mostly structured as ghostwriting or “work for hire” I unfortunately can’t link to the bulk of it here.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve been keen to post updates about the YA steampunk adventure series here – because it’s not client work, and therefore it is one of the few ventures I am at liberty to talk freely about.


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