A New Collaboration Gives Steampunk Sophie New Life

Fans of my last blog may remember Sophie, a girl in her early teens who lives in a steampunk world. I’ve been developing her along with the idea for a graphic novel adventure series that’s inspired by a show I loved as a kid. Voyagers! was only on the air for one season, but I was really drawn into its narrative. …OK, and Meeno Peluce. But hey, that was a long time ago.


After taking my first drawing class in decades and realizing I could express myself this way, I started sketching ideas for all kinds of things. For Steampunk Sophie, I did some preliminary character development sketches a good many months ago, but the concept apparently wasn’t ready to go anywhere yet. It needed to marinate, I guess.


After ignoring the project for a long while, I met a potential new writing partner, Nicole Mathew at a recent Geeky Press event.

The Geeky Press is both a small publishing company and a writers collective, and they’ve been putting on a lot of events to bring writers together the past few years, but even more so in the past few months. Many cool projects are now underway or about to take shape thanks to these folks, and I can’t wait to see what comes next from the many collaborations they’ve seeded.


For our part, Nicole and I met over the weekend to begin exploring what a team effort would look like, and we fell into an easy understanding of how a partnership could work between us. With a basic understanding of our relative strengths, we moved right into brainstorming, using the remaining time to develop some of the elements from Sophie’s life – her backstory, the setting, some historical research for our unusual location, and more than a couple of secrets about Sophie’s background and family.

It was all such a blast! Talking to Nicole was nothing short of electrifying – our creative energies played off each other’s extraordinarily well, and I think we are both eager to see where all this will take us. The story and characters offer compelling inspiration, too. I feel it’s an idea pregnant with opportunity.

Big shout out to the A2Z Cafe, btw, our gracious hosts who also made us some amazing nosh! (One of the waiters photographed our meals, too, but did either of us have the presence of mind to snap a pic? Heh. Nope. In our defense, we hadn’t either of us had enough coffee to be responsible for our actions…)

Anyway, here’s what’s planned for the first book (and therefore the series):

Sophie is a teenage orphan who comes into possession of a magical pocket watch, which when turned transports her through space and time, launching her on a sci-fi time travel adventure.

My job this week is to do some character development, so I expect to have some new Sophie drawings to post in the next few days.

Follow this blog (or Nicole’s) for regular updates about this project and other cool stuff.



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